Saturday, July 27, 2013

Here we go...

In an effort to eat better and ensure health from within (as well as a beautiful body), my family has agreed to take on the exciting challenge of trying one new "healthy" meal a week.  The goal is to incorporate essential nutrients from whole, fresh food while still keeping each meal tasting delicious.  Since some of these ingredients will be new to my family members, I will also include tips on how to shop for and prepare certain items.

Every Monday, I will post the recipe for the week.  (The first awesome and inspiring post will be Monday, August 5th) If you work during the week, I highly suggest that you wait until the weekend to try the new recipe.  There is no need to add additional stress onto the end of a long work day.  Wait until Saturday or Sunday and make cooking and eating a new meal relaxing and enjoyable.  Then, when you are comfortable with the recipe and know what to expect, it will be easy to prepare as a weekday standby.

This is meant to be interactive, so I hope you will make comments and share links to recipes you particularly enjoy with your friends and other family members.

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Are you ready for nutritious and delicious food that will contribute to vibrant health?  I hope so, because here we go!

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